10 Ways To Promote Your Business With LinkedIn!

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LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your business/service or highlighting your subject matter expertise. What you may not have known is how to leverage LinkedIn! Here are 10 things you can do to insure that LinkedIn is an effective tool for your business/service.
1. Create a Company Profile
Think of a personal page and a Fan Page on Facebook. LinkedIn offers that same opportunity! Just like your personal page separates you from your business on Facebook, a Company Profile will do the same. What does a Company Profile contain? It will include information about your company, what services you perform, your experience/time in grade so to speak of how long you have been perfecting your expertise as well as contact info.
2. Participate with Groups
As of this writing, you can join up to 40 groups on LinkedIn, so choose wisely. Be smart and don’t just join groups where essentially you are “singing to the choir”. Rather, you need to leverage your group membership by participating in discussions. Each time you participate, your photo and name are included.
3. Answer Questions!
Sounds simple doesn’t it? But what better way to show off your expertise than by going to LinkedIn Answers and answering questions from people that are basically your prime prospects? You get to share your business knowledge and expertise when you provide solutions to their problems posed
4. LinkedIn Polls
Having an issue that you want some feedback on? If that is the case, try using LinkedIn Polls to query your primary target audience and colleagues with. It is a great way to get feedback on ideas and thoughts that you just aren’t sure should make it to the marketplace! With LinkedIn Polls, you can create polls and then distribute them to your networks and/or specific people you want to hear from.
5. Personal/Professional Recommendations!
There is something about a Recommendation that tells people that you are a step above the average person doing that job. The best ones are obviously from customers, but don’t hesitate to ask someone you work with for one. I will tell you that more than one person has reviewed the recommendations that I have done and asked me to provide one for them as well. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask!
6. Build some Company Buzz!
If you haven’t learned it by now, a good part of internet marketing (whether it is your company or your expertise) is self promotion. But it is also about Reputation Management! By using LinkedIn’s Company Buzz, you are able to track both the good (as well as the bad…which is actually more important!) about what is out there on your company on both LinkedIn and Twitter.
7. Posting Job Opportunities
How does that promote your business you ask? Well, if people know that you are looking for talented people, they understand you are having some success. And people tend to gravitate toward those that are successful versus those that are not.
8. Creating a Group
Some folks are a little hesitant or think it may be arrogant to create a group when there many similar groups out there. I don’t view it that way. It lets you speak in your own voice to folks who just might not be ready for a variety of reasons for your product or service YET!!! By creating a group (and yes, you could make it company branded…
9. Advertise
Another thing that sounds (and is) simple. But the ROI can be awesome. By starting a targeted advertising campaign with LinkedIn DirectAds, you know you are reaching professionals (and the decision makers, not just the employees of decision makers
10. Leaving Status Updates
By just going to either the status update field or by updating your profile, you let the world know about company announcements, special offers, as well as providing great tips and the sharing of links that will show you are a true professional..

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