3 Brilliant Tips for LinkedIn Success | Profile Maintenance | Networking Activities | Make Relationships Grow

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Profile Maintenance

Post Regular Updates

Every time you make a new connection on LinkedIn you have unlocked another notch in a valuable marketing tool. That tool is updates. Whenever you post an update to your profile, your network can see it. This means that you can communicate in subtle manner not so intrusive or direct with your contacts. This is not to say don’t contact your connections directly from time to time to maintain good relationships, it’s simply suggesting to stay on the top of the mind of your contacts in an non-threatening and even useful way. The useful aspect is the sharing of good information.

The information you share in your updates should be relevant to your market and or connections. This is also another way of establishing or maintaining your standing as an expert in a particular niche. Updates may also be used to ask questions, make announcements, promote events, and more. Updates can also be linked to your other online social networks like; Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Networking Activities

Offer Positive Feedback to Colleagues

Your LinkedIn connections often post remarks and opinions reflecting their current business status. When you see this, it is an opportunity for you to respond with positive feedback. In building good business relationships, positive feedback, (or even honest feedback), is welcomed. Offering positive feedback is a great pathway to beginning a conversation and building a relationship.

If you check your network updates regularly, you will find a treasure trove of business questions and issues seeking a good response. You can also for opportunities to give positive feedback by regularly scanning the discussions within the groups. Another area to find opportunities for positive feedback is in the Answers section. This is a good place to give a colleague a compliment on a great answer. When you give a colleague a good complement, you are opening the doors to continue communication between the two of you. Depending on your goals and the targeting in your contact pursuits, you may be creating a golden opportunity.

Make Relationships Grow

Maintain Follow-Up through LinkedIn

There are many ways to follow-up with new connections after meeting in person. After meeting in person and then sending contact requests on LinkedIn or other business online social networks, the relationship can and should be maintained. Most of us are pretty busy and the maintenance of certain relationships goes unattended which leads to the loss of potentially significant connections. It is much easier to maintain certain aspects of relationships because of the technology available.

For example, as you get engaged in group discussions as well as locating relevant information for your market, you can share some of your discoveries and pertinent information with your network. Doing so will keep you in the top of mind of your new connections. You can post this information on your profile updates and even directly e-mail it to particular contacts. Also, if you have had an initial communication with new contacts but it didn’t seem fruitful immediately, the sharing of information and current activities will help to make you more familiar to them. Psychologically, this builds a good trust factor.

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