3 LinkedIn Mastery Tips: Why You Should be the Best? How You Can Make it?

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Prospecting Like a Pro

Using “In Mail”

Using “In Mail” is a way to reach out and contact anyone you desire within LinkedIn network. Although there are millions of professionals on LinkedIn it is not possible openly contact anyone at any time with a free membership. This is the way that LinkedIn has been able to maintain a certain standard throughout the years. Using this paid feature, you are given the freedom to send messages to anyone you’d like on the network. It is limited to a certain amount per month but nevertheless gives you an extension on your reach.

You are guaranteed a response and are credited for an unanswered e-mail. This feature comes in handy for contacting C-level individuals or LinkedIn members who block the acceptance of messages from their group members. This is also an excellent feature if you have mastered your approach and may even get you past the gatekeeper as most do handle their personal e-mails. This can be a very effective form of prospecting depending on a few factors.

The LinkedIn Job Hunt

Use Good Keywords

The Internet has become such a useful tool in today’s world mostly because of the great targeting factor. Specific targeting has always played a role in marketing but the relevance of it really comes full circle considering how search engines work. At the base of searching and being found lies specific keywords. The search engines on mega sites like LinkedIn work in a similar way to the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When seeking employment, you must take this into consideration as it could mean the difference in being found or not by potential employer.

It is wise to try and think like an employer who is seeking their perfect and fully. If it was you, what would you type into the LinkedIn search engine to find the perfect candidate? Whatever you feel those keywords would be should be what pepper throughout your profile. As you write your professional summary it is a smart move to use those keywords at least five times when describing your experience and expertise. This will allow you to show up at a higher position when your desired employer is seeking you out. Of course there are no guarantees what you will always want to give yourself the greatest chance for victory.

Excellent Application

Word Press

Your presence on LinkedIn can serve as an extension of your business. Whatever service or product you are involved with can be accented or supported by your LinkedIn profile. If you relay information to your industry by way of blogging you can incorporate that into your LinkedIn profile. There are many blogging platforms available but the most popular by far is WordPress. LinkedIn includes a WordPress application syncing your WordPress blog to your LinkedIn profile.

It is also possible to filter your blog posts with a special LinkedIn tag. You can also display your unique WordPress global avatar or Gravatar. Your WordPress blog can now be read right on your profile updates are sent automatically to your network. For those who blog often this can make the dispersion of information much easier and keeps your expert status current. It is also a great way to attract traffic and new subscribers to your blog. This is true especially if you have search engine optimized your profile appropriately.

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