4 Proven LinkedIn Market Research Techniques

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Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is strictly professional and offers unique business-oriented features. That’s why; seasoned LinkedIn users know how to leverage it for reliable market research. Let’s discuss for 4 proven LinkedIn market research techniques.

1. Using LinkedIn Polls to Measure Consumer Habits/Niche Trends

You can create a poll at LinkedIn and advertise it for free to your own connections or pay a small fee to make it visible to all LinkedIn users.

When you design your poll, it can be targeted. For example, you could test how many work-at-home-moms under 40 have a sustainable business. In this case, the poll will be targeting a certain gender and age group.

The poll can also address specific locations/demographics which makes it a very flexible and fast tool that you can tailor to your own needs.

2. Using LinkedIn Product Pages for Competitors Analysis

Recently, LinkedIn enabled companies to feature their products on their LinkedIn company pages. You can take advantage of this feature by spying on your competition and checking out the products they are showcasing on their product pages.

3. Using LinkedIn Groups/Networks for Quantitative Research

You can leverage your LinkedIn network by asking certain questions or conducting market research surveys. But make sure that your surveys are short and to the point in order to encourage your network to actively participate in them.

4. Using Linked Answers for Qualitative Research

Here is when LinkedIn Answers come in handy. Qualitative research means getting specialized information from reliable resources. LinkedIn answers feature a large number of qualified experts who are readily available to answer your questions.

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