5 Top Tactics to Becoming a Valuable Connection on LinkedIn: Respect & Get Respect

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Over the past year I began using LinkedIn to connect with the true insiders of the industries I market my business and executive coaching service to. What I found was that there are some real strict guidelines you must follow to become viewed at as a “real” value to others, for them to want to connect with you. Many of my coaching clients ask me routinely for what I consider the most important strategies to use on this top social media networking professional site, here are five good tips to start with:

1. Start slow: Check out what other people are doing on LinkedIn. Figure out why you want to use the service and what you wish to accomplish. Is it looking for a job, new business connections, or perhaps becoming an insider in your industry? Figure this out first, then move on. The great thing about it is that you can edit anything you type on your profile page if you change your game plan down the line.

2. Keep the reader in mind when typing out your profile. Short, but concise, paragraphs work best because they are more likely to be read than if they were long. Before you post and publish it, proof-read it out loud. Does it actually read like you want it to? Remember, you are trying to look like a professionals professional.

3. A good technique for gain recommendations is to first give them. Look at your current connections and provide them with a recommendation. Be genuine and keep the fluff stuff out. Follow that up by sending them a message letting them know what you did and ask if they would reciprocate if they feel inclined.

4. When you join a group on LinkedIn make sure you participate. Post questions and answer them too. make discussion and news entries. This adds value and gives you exposure. Check out who the members are which is a great way to identify valuable contacts.

5. Upload a professional photo. Even if you need to use your local photographer, it is well worth it. For $40-$50 you can have get a package of professional photos made. make sure you are dressed in proper business attire. use this photo on all of the social media sites you are a member of because you are your brand. The more professional you make yourself look, the more people will read your profile and want to connect.

If you are out to attract prospective customers, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

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