7 Ways To Share Your Content To The LinkedIn Newsfeed

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If you are integrating social media into your online marketing or PR plan then you are probably aware of the importance of making it easy for people to share your content.

That in turn will potentially bring more traffic back to your website so people can read about your products and services an ultimately those visitors may become customers, clients or strategic partners.

If you are using Facebook it is a great idea to add the Like button to your website or business blog and you can also add the Re-Tweet Button to your site for people to share your content to Twitter.

But what about LinkedIn which is an important business network? How can you share your own or other peoples content to your LinkedIn newsfeed?

Here are seven options for your to consider:

1. Yes you can log into your LinkedIn account and add content to your newsfeed – customising the call to action is something I highly recommend to increase the impact of your content.

2. You could connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts – though take care to ensure that the content you syndicate from Twitter to LinkedIn is relevant for your network there.

3. You can use a content management tool like Hootsuite.com which enables you to link connect your LinkedIn account and schedule your updating of your LinkedIn newsfeed to a specific date and time.

4. Use the LinkedIn Share button that you can access from their website. It is easy to customise, adding your URL of your website and then deciding which of the three buttons you want to use. Using this tool not only you but visitors to your site can share your content to their network. You generate the code and then can add it to your site.

5. Add the LinkedIn Share Button to your WordPress.org blog which will enable not only you but visitors to your blog share content to their LinkedIn network.

6. Use the ShareThis.com widget and customise the code so that the LinkedIn Share button is visible – if you are a WordPress.org user then there is a ShareThis plugin you can add to your site (both for pages and posts).

7. Add the LinkedIn Bookmarket to your browser toolbar which means that you can share not just your own content but other peoples articles, videos and podcasts to your LinkedIn newsfeed as you browse across the web.

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It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn


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