A LinkedIn Profile That Works: How to Market You and Your Business on LinkedIn

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In talking about using LinkedIn I mentioned about having a complete but informative profile. Also, in that I realized we haven’t talked about what makes for a good LinkedIn profile. So, today is the day. We will continue our social media theme and talk about creating a great LinkedIn profile.

When creating your LinkedIn you want to….

Control and market your personal brand. Your personal brand is your most valuable asset so take pride in that when creating your profile and be sure your profile reflects that. One way to generate success on LinkedIn is by enhancing your personal brand and you enhance your personal brand by adding value to it through your profile.

Have a great headline. Your headline is text that will appear just below your name as summary or bio if you will. Your headline will be shown in many places throughout LinkedIn so be sure to write a headline that turns heads and draws attention.

Use keywords within your profile. Keywords are great way for connections and potential clients to find you on LinkedIn or the Internet period when doing a search for their needs. So, if for example your niche is marketing consulting for small businesses then in your profile be sure to use these keywords multiple times throughout your profile.

Actually take the time to make a 100% complete profile. When you are logged into your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn has a great tool that shows the percentage that your profile is complete. When done you want to be sure that your profile reads a 100% complete. I can’t stress enough that having a complete profile is essential and key to attracting business on LinkedIn. So, be sure to fill in your specialties, education, and update your status at least weekly. Also, on LinkedIn you have the opportunity to add a picture most usually don’t like to do this, but adding a picture adds value to your profile. People like to do business with people they know and trust and adding a picture to your profile is essential in making that happen.

Get recommendations. On LinkedIn people are able to submit recommendations for you that others will see as well as you can do recommendations for others. Nothing helps build credibility like having recommendations from others on your profile. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from connections.

Have a simple LinkedIn URL. Once you create your LinkedIn profile it will assign it you a random URL with lots of unnecessary characters so change it. Changing your URL is simple just click edit next to your assigned link. Once in edit you want to remove any unnecessary characters and when done your URL should look something like…


LinkedIn is a free social networking site so to create yours today simply go to LinkedIn website, click join today, create your profile, and start connecting TODAY!!! Remember your LinkedIn profile is going to serve as a first impression of you and your business for most so make it count and be sure it accurately represents you.

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