Best Ways to Use LinkedIn for Promoting Your Small Business

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When it comes to promoting your small business, LinkedIn is one social media platform that you should definitely be using. If you and your company are not on LinkedIn yet, you’re missing out on an excellent way to gain new clients and customers, network with fellow business owners, and market your business.

So before you dismiss LinkedIn, you consider the applications it offers and how it can help you reach more people. Though social media may still be a relatively new tool in marketing, most people agree that its importance in marketing campaigns of today have reached great proportions. Here are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn for promoting your small business.

1. Build your company page

The visibility of your small business can definitely increase if you build up your company page well. Google seems to like LinkedIn, so having a complete company profile can help you rank better in the search engine.

Make sure to include a description of your company, add your logo and some banners, and put your business location so people can find you. It’s also a good idea to add a feed from your blog or twitter so people will be able to see your updates. People like seeing a company profile that’s dynamic, not one that’s static and doesn’t evolve.

2. Start networking

The great thing about LinkedIn is the fact that you have access to the site’s group directory. This gives you the ability to find business associations and build your network of connections. LinkedIn also allows you to import your existing contact lists from your email address, so you can see who among your contacts are already members of the site, and add them to your network.

LinkedIn also gives recommendations on people you may know based on the details you gave, which is a great feature to find more people you can connect with. You can also check out the popular local events in your industry, so you can connect with people both online and off. This is a great way to find new clients and business partners.

3. Get recommendations and testimonials on your page

People rely on other people’s opinion before obtaining a product or service, which is why word of mouth marketing is extremely important for a business. LinkedIn enables people to add recommendations and testimonials to your profile, which will be visible to your entire network. So make sure to ask your happy clients to post their opinion of your products or services on your LinkedIn profile.

4. Get people to follow you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides you with a code that you can post on your website or blog so people can follow you. This is a good way to build more connections and promote your small business.

5. Participate in group discussions

Becoming active in a group is a great way to gain publicity for your business. As you participate in the discussions, you get to meet a lot of people, build your network, and get to know potential clients. LinkedIn gives group members the ability to directly message each other, so this is an excellent way for people to single you out and ask you direct questions if they’re interested in the products or services you offer.

6. Don’t forget your personal profile

As much as you should concentrate on your company page, you should also make sure to build a good personal profile. People like knowing the face behind a business, and it can help you build a better network of contacts, business partners and clients. Your personal network can easily become your professional one as well.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help promote and market your small business well. With people relying more and more on word of mouth, it has become essential for companies to establish themselves in different social media platforms so they can connect more with people.

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