Find Success on LinkedIn – 3 Tips

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Saved Searches

The time that you spend on LinkedIn searching for particular client via keyword doesn’t have to be wasted. Some people spend an hour or more searching for a particular client within a particular niche. Doing so is using LinkedIn in effective way but it doesn’t have to be time gone to waste. It is possible to save many of the searches that you have discovered to produce positive results. This is a feature that can be very useful when tracking where a client originated from.

In sales, it is always recommended to use several different forms of prospecting. However, when acquiring clients, one can lose track of which method of prospecting yielded the best results. Saving your searches can help you to know where a certain client came from. Another benefit to this great feature is that it can be set so that LinkedIn will send you an e-mail when new prospects matching the same search criteria becomes available on the site.

Finding Employment

Download Job Insider Toolbar

LinkedIn is comparable to the leading job search sites like Career Builder and There are thousands of employers located on this website and there are useful tools included to assist you in finding your desired employment. To give yourself the best chance of success, it is recommended to use the tools provided. A useful tool to take advantage of is the Job Insider Toolbar.

The Job Insider Toolbar can be downloaded and inserted into your browser if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Once you download this toolbar you will be able to locate your connections at hiring companies. This can be a benefit depending on your relationship status with those contacts. For example, you’ll be able to request an introduction to the hiring manager and immediately get your resume to the correct person at any given company. It also allows you to open any job posting at Career Builder, Monster, Craigslist, Hot Jobs, Simply Hired, Dice, or Vault.

Useful Application

Slide Share

LinkedIn is an excellent site for networking within itself but it does provide useful tools to accentuate the power of the website. Of course, the members of LinkedIn are what continue to make it a great place to be. However, there are tools that are provided by way of Applications which can enhance networking and facilitate greater communication. One such application is Slide Share.

Slide Share allows you to share your best presentations with fellow LinkedIn users. It also allows you to view presentations by other LinkedIn users. Slide Share is also the world’s largest presentation sharing platform. It is a great tool for graphic artists to upload their portfolios but has a myriad of different uses when it comes to displaying presentations. It supports all formats;ppt, pps, pptx, odp, pdf, doc, docx, odt, Keynote, iWork pages. You can also embed YouTube videos into Slide Share. The good news is that it can all be viewed on your profile.

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