How to build a reasonable, solid and attractive profile on LinkedIn

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Once you have your profile page set, a professional photo and have created links to your others sites, blogs etc and fully fleshed out your profile page making use of all of the applications then now is the time to get noticed.

Use the function that allows you to import your Outlook or other address books in order to invite everyone you know to connect with you.

Add a LinkedIn logo and link to your LinkedIn profile to your business profile on your website, your blog, your company’s monthly email newsletter, to the signature on the bottom of your emails – everywhere! Leverage!

Create a company listing for your business (or join existing listing for your current employer). Company pages are not overly dynamic on LinkedIn but they are part of the overall mix and it would be smart to list your business as it is searchable and can further establish your reputation.

Groups – LinkedIn is more than just individual profiles there are thousands of groups on every industry, sector, school, country, city, and hobby – whatever. Groups are an opportunity to connect and share with like-minded people. LinkedIn allows you to join fifty groups and you should find fifty groups to join. Each group is like a little club and some even have real-life networking events. When you join a group write your first post immediately – say hello, introduce yourself, and ask people to connect with you!

Recommendations are important in business – they establish trust and reputation. Once you connect with customers, employers (present and past), or trusted colleagues give and ask for recommendations with regard to your work.

Connecting is important but there are two schools of thought. One school suggests that you should never connect with anyone whom you would not accept a telephone call from or would not feel comfortable telephoning. I think this is limiting and does not recognize the changing world of communications. Get active, post questions, ideas, and thoughts – get involved and connect! Again would it be better for your business if you know ten people or ten thousand people? Now quality does count and ten amazing connections are better than the equivalent of the phone book so use common sense here. The point is that LinkedIn is a place to make, build and exploit contacts. The more people you are connected to the more people who will view your business updates and activity and who may decide to do business with you. You can look at LinkedIn as a personal network or business marketing – the choice is yours – but if you need more business than consider the later!

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