How to build awareness for your career and business on LinkedIn

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So, you have been on Linkedin for a month. You have a professional profile, joined fifty groups, connected with all of your existing and past contacts, connected with a ton of new people and now have 500 + Linkedin contacts! Yes, that is possible.
1. Build content by using functions on WordPress and Twitter and others to automatically repost your content to LinkedIn. If you have additional content – for instance an email newsletter then you can post links to those outside sites with a catchy title to grab attention (when posting links use to create shorter links rather than using long cumbersome urls that go on for half a page).

2. Establish expertise by answering questions. If you know if show it and answering questions is a great tool. A suggestion here is to use an outside editor such a MS Word to compose and spell check and then copy and paste – save looking silly with dumb typos which do happen! Yikes!

3. Launch your own networking group. This takes time and effort but after a year or two and with some effort you could have a group that you control with one thousand members or more. Use this network to create an in-person networking event and establish your own personal supply of prospects or a referral network. As group leader you will automatically have credibility.

4. Launch your company group and invite customers, prospects and other interested individuals in your industry to follow events at your company. These tend not to be as popular as industry groups but they can work well if presented well and maintained.

5. Blogs, email newsletters and twitter feeds have options to repost content to LinkedIn. Every time you make a comment it shows on your feed and on the feed of every person who is connected to you! You may have an opt-in company newsletter with eight hundred subscribers but reposting can allow the possibility of one-hundred-million readers – in theory – certainly the opportunity to broaden the exposure and gain new opt-in readers.

6. Repost to all groups. Once you post to your LinkedIn profile you have the option to repost to every group you belong to and to forward the link to every individual you are connected to on LinkedIn – this is called leverage!

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