How to build your business today and for the long term with LinkedIn

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Connections must be maintained and so find reasons to message people with a simple hello message – comment on or ‘like’ their posts.

Spend time everyday on LinkedIn making at least one post or answering one question. The cumulative effect will be powerful

If you have a strong connection with someone in your city then meet face-to-face for coffee and see where you can take the relationship.

You may be bored and want to entertain yourself will silly posts but never put anything in writing that you might later regret. Linkedin is a business forum and, in my opinion, business is no place for politics, sex or religion.

Work the data and use the theory of the six degrees of separation. Take time to look at your connections networks – they may very well know someone who could make all the difference to your business.

Build, maintain and exploit relationships. LinkedIn is business and you should always be thinking about promoting the growth of your business with every keystroke! Work it!

Pay for membership and get deeper access than can be provided by a free level membership. Depending on your budget and your particular industry being a paid member can be a great value! LinkedIn is goldmine – work it hard and it is worth premium membership.
Visit Linked in everyday and look to develop at least one prospect each day that can be pursued separately for business. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what can be done with LinkedIn. If you are a recruiter LinkedIn is a powerful source of candidates and your own industry will determine how you best can use Linkedin. Take the time to get to know LinkedIn. It has its quirks and can occasionally frustrate but it is a great tool. Use it and your business can significantly benefit – or not and let your competitors get the upper hand!

Building sales for any business is about many, many things – never just one! LinkedIn, however, is one important tool that can be used to effectively build your business.

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