How to Find Sales Leads on LinkedIn

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Those who have been active on the Internet for some time will be well aware of sites such as LinkedIn which are effectively social networking sites with a very strong business angle. However, many people still find difficulty trying to find a magic formula of how to find sales leads on LinkedIn and other similar business networks.


As with any social media network, or indeed any website, you need to make your visitor aware of who you are and what you offer at the earliest opportunity. In this instance, your LinkedIn profile is vital to your ongoing success because unless you can “impress” a visitor to your profile page within the first few seconds they are likely to disappear forever. With over 100 million active members on the LinkedIn network this is most certainly an area which you avoid at your peril.


Business networking and social networking is not as easy for some people as it is for others. However, networking on sites such as LinkedIn should be a fairly straightforward process and the fact it is not a face-to-face connection should help those who are perhaps not as strong in this particular field. When networking on sites such as LinkedIn you have to avoid an aggressive business push more in favour of a social push and then introduce yourself and your business.

Adding your own content

There have been a number of improvements to the LinkedIn website and the LinkedIn network which now allow you to add your own content which can be copied or streamed from your own website. By adding your own content to your own particular account page you give the impression that you are always informative and up-to-date on various subjects and it also allows people to peruse your content at their convenience. It is also worth noting that search engines like websites and web pages which are constantly updated because this shows a willingness to convey up-to-date information on an ongoing basis.

Similar interest groups

There are two options with regards to similar interest groups on the LinkedIn website which are setting up your own interest group or joining one which has been in existence for some time. If you choose your similar interest groups carefully there is every chance that the vast majority of those who have joined the group will at some stage come across you and be potentially interested in your services and products.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

There are now services available on the LinkedIn website which allow you to advertise your wares to a specific area of the site membership. The very fact that you can effectively target certain areas of the membership allows you to concentrate your efforts on people who stand a better than even chance of being interested in your products. Targeting your advertising and your marketing budget is vital to the success of any business.

Questions and answers

One of the best ways to gain the trust of somebody looking for a particular service or a particular product is to answer the questions these people may have. Without being overtly commercial and pushing your business aggressively, the very fact you’re willing to take time out and answer questions should increase your trust profile and your “brand awareness”. Questions and answers are by far and away one of the most successful ways in which to attract new business leads from any area of cyberspace.

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