How to Leverage LinkedIn To Your Business

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals. Today, the population has gone up to over 100 million professionals, sharing their professional information every day. An increment of 1 professional is happening every second and an increment of 1 million new professionals is being acquired every week. Among the top 10 countries in LinkedIn is Australia with 1.9 million professionals.

With this growing trend in LinkedIn, still there’s a lot of marketers that are already getting their company profile but still does not know how to capitalize this professional networking site and you probably are one of them. So I’m sharing you an illustrious guide on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow your business.

LinkedIn is not only for individuals, but it also a great venue for companies, from small businesses to large ones, and from Business-to-Consumer businesses to Business-to-Business companies.

A lot of you might be asking why you should get into another social networking site. I think the first question that you have to ask yourself is “Who are my target audience?” If it has anything in relation to Business stuffs, whether you’re a B2C or a B2B Company, LinkedIn is probably the one that will serve the purpose.

Having a company page in LinkedIn brings you in front of three significant audiences; the first one is your Prospects, the other one is your database customers and the last but not the least, are your current and future employees.

Now, it is essential for you to get the basics right so here are some tips that you might not have heard or you might have overlooked:

Company Emails only works in LinkedIn.

If you want to edit your company page, which is really important for you, you need to have an email within your company’s domain; i.e. johnsonsarin @ mycompany (dot) com and not a webmail; i.e. frank @ gmail (dot) com. That is why you cannot be a part of a company page in LinkedIn if you are using a web mail as your primary email address.

Designate the right person to manage your LinkedIn profile

A usual mistake for some companies in their pages is allowing anybody who works at them. Chances are, an employee might put erroneous information on your company page which could probably lead you to a tragic failure in the future. That is why it is important that you find a social media expert that will manage your LinkedIn handles and would be your primary interface in engaging your target audiences.

Maintain Multimedia Presence

It is also important for companies on LinkedIn to tweak their pages. After updating your Specialties, URL’s, and Location etc. you can make use of banner images and other forms of multimedia to make your page more engaging. You can use the news module to pick up feed items that are relevant to your company. Company pages also allow you to pull your YouTube videos to have great contents. You’ll be surprised how flexible company pages in LinkedIn are today.

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