How to Promote Your Small Business Effectively Using Social Networking Giant LinkedIn

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Learning how to effectively promote your small business online can be a challenge, especially if you are just starting out. However, using social networking sites like LinkedIn can bring about a huge advantage in getting the word out quick about your product or service.

I am convinced that the goal of your business is to bring in more customers and/or business partners who have decided that your product or service is of value to them. In this article, I am going to break down a few ways to market your business on LinkedIn.

Step One: Create Your Profile- The key to social networking is the relationship. Building an extensive profile about yourself, your previous work history, and your goals will give your prospects a heads up of what you can potentially do for them. Also, make sure you have a nice professional picture that shows you smiling. This will make your prospect more comfortable in approaching you both in the present and the future.

Step Two: Recommendation- Getting recommendations on LinkedIn is probably the best strategy you will ever use. Why? Recommendations are simply mini-testimonials from friends, associate, or business partners. The key to recommendations is to tell your audience why they should consider working with you. This will be the quickest way to build instant credibility for relationship building.

Step Three- Group Participation- Knowing how to promote your small business effectively using LinkedIn comes easy when you get involved with various groups. The key here is to align yourself with the most relevant group according to your niche, and do your best at offering value to that group. Most people make the mistake of trying to push their opportunities on other people instead of serving the masses.

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