How to start your profile on LinkedIn: Here is Your Chance to Grow Your Business and Career

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Your LinkedIn profile is a business card, CV, company backgrounder and public relations professional all in one package. LinkedIn profiles are highly ranked by search engines. If you have a profile on LinkedIn and do a Goggle search of your name chances are your LinkedIn profile will be on the first page of the search – this is powerful!
1. Use a professional headshot for your photo. Get a friend with a decent camera or invest in a professional headshot. People viewing your profile will make an instant decision based on the quality and professionalism of your photo. Forget the funny, silly shots. Don’t think you need a photo? Think again! People will not trust you and your effectiveness will be cut to a fraction you’re your profile does not include a photograph.

2. Under your name is an opportunity to state your professional headline – make it clear and compelling. For those with a sense of humour please leave the humour out of your profile. Would you use humour on a CV if you were serious about getting a job?

3. Put all of your relevant experience on your profile, the more that is there the better chance you have of building a connection with someone who has worked in the same sector, studied at the same school or who has the same hobbies as you.

4. Link all of your websites, twitter feeds, blogs to your profile. Also do the reverse. Link your blogs, company website profiles, etc to your Linkedin profile. SEO loves this kind of activity.

5. If you are a designer there are applications to post your portfolio and other work.

6. Build a PowerPoint to explain your business and use the application to show that on your profile.

7. Do a search of all of the LinkedIn applications and make use of all of the relevant applications to build as a robust profile as possible.

8. It is important to make your page public to benefit from the search engine effectiveness of LinkedIn. Check out your settings.

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