How to Use LinkedIn For Online Marketing There is a right way and then there is a wrong way to use LinkedIn for your online marketing campaigns. Which way are you using it?

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LinkedIn is a social networking platform that connects professionals to other professionals. It is different than the social networking sites like twitter and Facebook because the key with LinkedIn is to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Think of it like your resume in which you put your best foot forward. So, how do you make sure you are using LinkedIn as a professional?

There are 2 main areas to consider when using LinkedIn for your online marketing:

1. Your account profile should showcase your work history and professional accomplishments.

Your profile should convey to others that you are a professional who has something of value to offer to them. You are an expert in your field. Make sure your profile is complete, concise, and conveys value.

Some tips for creating a profile other members will be interested in exploring come in the form of the specialties section and the summary section. Remember the people reading your profile may be potential employers, colleagues, clients, etc. The first section, specialties, should list your areas of expertise and will also serve as keywords when other people search for your specialty area. The summary section is where you write in a narrative form your professional experience and your professional goals. Make sure this section is readable, interesting, and contain both professional and layman’s terms.

2. Your marketing plan should consist of valuable content to share on LinkedIn.

Your marketing plan on LinkedIn should be different than that of the other social networking sites. With this social networking site, you should focus on sharing valuable content related to your specialties with the other members. One strategy that you can implement would be to connect your LinkedIn profile with your other marketing strategies like your blog. This would allow your connections on LinkedIn to view the valuable content you are already sharing on other places on the internet. This would also allow them to link to your other websites which has the potential to generate the leads for your business that you are looking for.

Another great way to build relationships with other members is to join in the forum conversations. LinkedIn Answers is where the real value rests with using this network site for your online marketing campaigns. This is where you can meet and interact with others. Remember the key to building any business is by building relationships!

With this forum that LinkedIn offers, you should be posting questions for others to answer and maybe even answering questions that others post. When you answer the questions of other members, you are providing valuable content that will also give you exposure. As people read your answers and see the value that you provide, they can begin to see you as a leader and expert in the field. This can dramatically increase the traffic to your website or blog as a means for them to learn more about what you have to offer. This also is a great way to generate leads! Imagine the potential!

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