How to Use LinkedIn To Build Your Online Business

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I am sure you are somewhat familiar or at least have heard of Facebook pages and profiles, well is similar, just a lot better. On, not only can you make up a profile for yourself but you can also make one up for your company.
But, you will see that looks a lot more professional. With you will not be playing games or sharing sweet pictures of your children. People will not care what you had for dinner or even want to hear about your political views. They want to know what your good business judgments and quick decisions. As you will see, this site is all about business, not your personal information.
This is about being yourself and the amount of information you divulge will be more about what type of business you are in. But, make sure you are aware that potential employers and potential clients are here.
To make sure you are using your to its fullest you want to make sure you have completely filled out your profile. Make a very nice photo headshot of yourself showing your professional image that will tie in with your niche. Put all of your pertinent information in your profile as possible. Make sure you fill out every section.
If you have a blog be sure to put a link to it in there and be sure to have LinkedIn connect to your Twitter account. You want to make sure you are seen a=in as many places as possible. It is a good thing nowadays as a business owner to be as upfront, honest and as open as possible. Above all, just be yourself and try to connect to as many people as possible. And if you have any apps that you think might be useful be sure to throw those in.
You can easily bring your current contacts to your system by use of the Gmail important function. It is a great opportunity to find people that you already know which might help you connect to appropriate people. But the most important thing is to connect to people you are familiar with, may have worked with and then through them connecting to people you may have an interest in working with also.
It will be important to also help people connect to new people in your network as well. If you have people in your address book who may be connected because of personal reasons but will not provide anything useful to your Likedin experience, they may not be a good fit to add.
You can send out invitations to connect with you on to your current clients and maybe even your subscribers on your email lists. After you have connected with people that you have done business with, ask for a recommendation through the LinkedIn system.
Also, be sure to give out recommendations to people that you may have worked with and you want to publically give a recommendation to. But you want to make sure it is someone you are truly pleased with their products or services.
You should also try to join groups you find relevant and also to participate in those groups. Be willing to give people advice and have business related discussions. You will be promoting yourself but not in a loud and boisterous used car salesmen like way, but in a way that shows your knowledge and the skills you have to the world.
Make a contribution in a useful way and you will find that that will impress people which may help them to want to do business with you.
There are three levels of membership prices ranging from $19.95 per month up to $99.00 per month. The membership levels offer a different amount of access to connections to people you may not know, the ability to search different profiles and obtain information about different companies.

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