How To Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

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Although social networking sites are now the hit in paving the way to successful business marketing, LinkedIn remains to be the top website to market your business. It is obviously the most capable website in expanding your networks and growing your business.

If you want to hang out with the market leaders, then LinkedIn is the best for you – the perfect place for meeting new contacts, building relationships and marketing your business – but how do you exactly do this? Here are a few tips to get you going with LinkedIn:

First, complete your profile. It is the first thing people see so it needs to be complete and it must show all the relevant information about yourself and your business.

It is also better to upload a photo of yourself so more people will likely connect with you. Photos add credibility to a profile and credibility is one characteristic your profile needs to depict.

You may also upload your company logo as a profile photo. Also include your company tagline, address and phone number in one profile picture if you like.

Second, customize your URL. Once you have a complete profile, it is best to customize your URL into your business or company name so that will be easily found by search engines. Using the default URL makes it difficult for search engines to index, and thus, find.

Also make sure that your company details are visible to everyone. There is a full view option in your account settings so that the information is open to the public.

Third is to promote your company profile, think of it as a business card or directory. This is a very important factor especially if your business is small or medium-sized because this is your way for your company to be recognized.

Use keywords to identify your expertise or specialty. If you are into advertising business keywords may include creativity, marketing, rewards, and media – potential clients who are looking for these specialty types will find you easily.

Also keep in mind to regularly update your profile page by posting recent information regarding your business. You may do this by linking your profile to your blog or website so that every new posting related to your business will be reflected on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn gives you a chance to get noticed by more people as well as search engines since it is one of the websites that Google gives higher rankings too. LinkedIn is no doubt a place for professionals and the best place to promote your business.

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