Learn to Navigate LinkedIn: Where Your Target Market Does Business

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LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals. Whatever you do for a living, you will find prospective customers and colleagues there. But since it is social media, the in-your-face push marketing doesn’t work.

What you need is the friendly, “how can I help you?” pull marketing that builds relationships, trust, mutual respect and then, if it works for both parties, the exchange of money for goods or services.

LinkedIn offers many opportunities to build those relationships, but they’re not always easy to see, and you don’t want to mess up your chances by starting off on the wrong foot.

That’s where Judy Cullins’ LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Practices to Build Book and Business Sales comes in. Judy is an author and book and content marketing coach who says that her business has increased by 35 percent each month since she began using LinkedIn to its full potential.

When she started out with LinkedIn, she didn’t know how to maximize its potential. As she learned how to raise her profile from resume to compelling benefit statement, how to make connections through groups, what works and doesn’t work with the news and events options, she collected information about best practices for LinkedIn and created an audio seminar and ebook.

No matter whether you’re looking for a job, doing your own information content marketing, or selling some other kind of product or service, you could benefit from the connections you make on LinkedIn. But every community — from town to school to workplace — has its own set of written and unwritten rules. You can speed up the process with LinkedIn Marketing.

In this no-fluff ebook, Judy gives the information as actionable hints and tips. In fact, you could print out some of the pages and use them as checklists. The tasks are doable and not overwhelming, each leading to the next.

She also gives good advice about making your way into the groups. Each group will have its unique culture, whether you’re talking to accountants, engineers, marketers or writers, for example, but Judy’s advice to listen first, then step up, make comments, ask questions, be friendly and helpful, will stand you in good stead in any of the LinkedIn groups.

She also gives hints about how to track results and see what’s working for you and simple steps to help you make money from your LinkedIn efforts.

She offers the information in two formats: ebook only or ebook bundled with a one-hour webinar. If you’re on a tight budget or strictly a reader, the ebook will deliver the necessary information.

How You Can Use LinkedIn to Get Success in Your Business and Professional Career? Why You Should Use It? Watch this Free Presentation at: http://www.linkedinsuccess.org

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