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LinkedIn is a rapidly growing network for business professionals worldwide. Social media is no longer for just sharing what you may be doing every minute of the day, what you and a significant other fought about or even sharing the most adorable pictures of the children. LinkedIn is social media for grownups and people who are serious about spreading the word about their business.

Advertising is one of the things that can make or break a company. Advertising is vital to let people know that you are in business and what your business has to offer. The more that your business is out there sharing with people the better it looks. Good advertising also gives your company some believability. No one wants to use a company that they have never heard of especially when it comes to what their own company needs.

LinkedIn is a place for businesses to network with other people and businesses. LinkedIn has approximately eighty million users worldwide and that is a great start to get your business some exposure. The Internet provides a huge audience that would not usually be otherwise available without spending millions of dollars for the cost of advertising.

LinkedIn allows you, as a business, to get the word out to the demographic groups that you are looking to reach. Many people and businesses that are signed up on LinkedIn will usually search for their business needs through the network because there is a wealth of information available about each company there. There will be the profile that a representative of the company built and then its popularity can be gauged by the number of people that are following that company.

LinkedIn also provides people and businesses the opportunity to leave feedback and reviews about the companies that they have found and used through LinkedIn. You can view recommendations that other people have made about them. It is quite a powerful tool.

As a company, you can also find employees through the LinkedIn network. You can post the position that you are looking to fill and you can even browse through job seekers to find a worker that will meet the needs of both you and your company. Having a company profile on LinkedIn also allows the jobseeker to research your company.

So if you do not have your company listed on LinkedIn you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool.

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