LinkedIn Tips – The Top 3 Mistakes and What to Do Instead With Your LinkedIn Account

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LinkedIn is ranked in the Top 20 most trafficked websites online and can bring you lots of traffic and profit when you do it right. Unfortunately there are a few common mistakes that most marketers make that suck the traffic and profit right out of your efforts. Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 mistakes on LinkedIn and what to do instead:

Top 3 LinkedIn Mistakes

LinkedIn Mistake #1 – Failure to create and optimize your account – Sounds rather obvious, right? Need to have one to use one. And you need to optimize your account to get the most out of it. Most folks just throw up an account without taking the time to discover how to best set it up.

This leads to people claiming that they tried LinkedIn, but it just didn’t work. LinkedIn works great, many times the user does not work great.

What to do instead: After you have set up your free account, optimize it for traffic. For instance, make sure you use your keywords in your profile. Also make sure you include a keyword rich benefit in your title. For example, mine has the phrase “More Prospects, Traffic, Publicity and Profits.”

LinkedIn Mistake #2 – Failure to connect and communicate – Too many people set up their account and follow the “if you build it, they will come” approach. Great line in a movie, lousy way to market. Just throwing up an account and not connecting and communicating with others is like throwing a line in the water with no bait on the hook and wondering why you don’t catch any fish.

What to do instead: Connect and communicate. Invite your email list, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc. to join you on LinkedIn. Search for people interested in your niche and connect with them. Communicate before you market. Ask and answer questions. Offer helpful samples of your resources and wisdom.

LinkedIn Mistake #3 – Failure to create and utilize groups – Most marketers never create or join a group on LinkedIn. This is so sad it’s crazy. Why? Because groups are the source of so much traffic and profit.

What to do instead: First, do a search under groups for your keywords. Then join the top groups in your niche. Next, create your own group using specific benefit laden words from your niche. Then nurture your group with articles, tips, teleseminars, webinars and other trainings.

Bonus LinkedIn Groups Tip When you post an update, attach a link. Then after you have posted, go to the update and click share. You’ll then be able to send your update to every member of your groups and to every member of the groups to which you belong.

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