LinkedIn – Top 10 Tips for Businesses: Wisdom Can be Competed With Some More Wisdom

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Complete your LinkedIn profile
To get the best out of LinkedIn you should fully complete your profile so others can see the full range of your experience and expertise. An incomplete profile with gaps in your employment or working history may suggest you have something to hide.

Make use of your three hyperlinks
As part of your LinkedIn profile you get three hyperlinks which have a default description “My Company”. You should change the description of these to something more relevant for your business as these have SEO benefits. You do this by choosing ‘other’ and you will then be prompted to add your own anchor text for each link.

Take part in relevant groups
There are professional groups across the world covering most industries on LinkedIn. By joining these groups and taking part in regular discussions you can raise the profile of your business and yourself as an expert in your field.

Take time to answer questions
There’s a huge question and answer section on LinkedIn split into different industries. By taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with others you will gain exposure to a much larger audience.

Use LinkedIn to advertise vacancies
With over 50 million registered members, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to advertise a job vacancy on. As with most job websites it does cost money but it gives you access to a whole world of experienced professionals.

Ask for recommendations
If you’ve worked with your connections on LinkedIn directly then it’s advisable to ask for a recommendation. Testimonials from other professionals will give more weight to your profile and let others see what it’s like to work with you.

Use LinkedIn to network
When connecting with other people on LinkedIn don’t just think about what that person could bring to your business. They will have their own connections who in turn will have lots of people they know, so you never know where a connection may lead.

Add videos and presentations to LinkedIn
If you’ve produced a company video or presentation it’s a good idea to add it to LinkedIn for your connections to see as well as adding them to your own website.
Anything that keeps your LinkedIn profile fresh, interesting and relevant will have benefits for your business.

Update your LinkedIn status message
Another way to keep your LinkedIn profile fresh is to regularly update your status to let your connections see what you’re working on or any conferences etc you plan on attending.

Set up your account to receive email updates
When you’re running a business you may not have time to regularly check LinkedIn so you should set up your preferences to make sure you get regular email updates. This can help you keep up to date with questions being asked, discussions taking place in groups you’re a member of and any connection requests.

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