Making LinkedIn Work for You – 3 Tips

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Your Profile
A Good Headline

Just as with any online content intended for Search Engine Optimization and or attention grabbing, a good headline on your LinkedIn profile is equally important. On one hand, having a good headline can help you to show up higher in the LinkedIn search engines while on the other hand, a compelling headline can help you to keep the attention of someone visiting your profile.

Finding the balance between the two is dependent upon your LinkedIn goals. You may be using your profile simply as a reference for more information in which you will be driving direct traffic, in which case Search Engine Optimization is not a priority. Otherwise, you may desire to show up in the LinkedIn search engines more frequently.

Growing Your Network
Upload Your E-Mail Contact Lists

To really leverage the power of LinkedIn, you will want to grow your network considerably. You will be able to take advantage of opportunities as it grows but first things first. A great way to begin or expand your network is to upload your contacts from your pre-established email address books.

You can upload your contacts from your Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. and send contact requests simultaneously. Doing this can expand your LinkedIn connections considerably because you are contacting people that you already know and are already familiar with you. If they already have LinkedIn accounts, once they accept, you will be able to look into their 2nd connections and possibly ask for introductions to some of their connections. Whether you have zero or over 500 connections, this action can greatly increase your network.

Introduce Yourself

Networking in the real world, like that of a live event, requires you to introduce yourself to others. Doing so may be awkward to some but nevertheless, it opens the doors for fruitful business relationships to begin. In face to face encounters it is difficult to be ignored initially and because of this, it assists in the continuation and growth of a productive relationship.

However, introducing yourself online in the same way is met with blatant disregard. It is easy to create a nice, sincere introduction to a potential contact and be ignored. This is not a reason to give up and not pursue the same while networking on LinkedIn. It makes more sense to continue while focusing on your goals. It also makes the continued correspondence with those who do respond more valuable. LinkedIn is for networking so using the website for this purpose, in this way is highly recommended. Simply be professional and dedicated to your objectives and it will work for you.

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