Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile – 5 Useful Tips to Promote Yourself Online

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1. Add details to your profile.

Add details to your profile including your areas of expertise, experiences, education and training. Most people include their current position but often leave off their previous positions. Others include formal education (such a Bachelor’s Degree) but leave off professional training (such as a Sales Certificate). Be proud of your accomplishments and showcase them boldly. Don’t be shy.

2. Add a photograph or logo to your profile.

Every social networking site has a visual component. LinkedIn allows you to attach a photograph or upload a logo to your profile, yet so many people don’t take advantage of this. Look this isn’t a beauty contest. The visual element let’s people recognize you and builds brand awareness.

3. Give and receive legitimate endorsements.

Are you a superstar at work? Well then there should be someone in your network who is willing to give you a recommendation. These can be personal or professional recommendations in that they can refer to your work, your character or both. The important thing to remember is that they should be real recommendations. Don’t fake it.

4. Connect! Connect! Connect!

LinkedIn recommends that people only connect with other people they know well. However that does not mean you should only connect with your spouse, boss or best friend. That would be a very small network. You can connect with customers, vendors, colleagues from work, people you went to school with or even your hair dresser.

5. Join Groups.

On LinkedIn you can join groups and associations on everything from alumni associations to corporate groups and networking groups to professional groups. Are you a member of a local chamber or board of trade, well more than likely they have a LinkedIn group for that. How about your alma matter? Or maybe you just started a new job as a game developer or human resources professional? There are numerous groups on LinkedIn for both these and more. In fact LinkedIn has over 266,000 groups in English alone (yes that means they have groups in other languages too!).


You know the old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” well that works online too. With a few simple enhancements, you can make full use of this amazing online network and make sure that your first impression in a lasting one. So take the time and make the effort to show the world how amazing you really are through your LinkedIn profile.

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