My Top 3 Recommendations for Professionals on LinkedIn

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Profile Advice

Search Engine Optimize Your Profile

Many businesses swear by search engine optimization for attracting targeted traffic to their websites. At this point in time, they are well founded on using this medium. SEO does volumes for attracting the right audience for businesses but sometimes it isn’t given the priority it deserves when applied to social networking websites like LinkedIn. People commonly seek out things online by typing keywords into search engines like Google and Bing but also, by typing keywords into LinkedIn’s search engine.

Whatever keyword your business is best represented by should be used throughout your profile in order to maximize the prospect of you being found by your market. In other words whatever a person seeking your particular type of service/product would type into Google should be the same keyword you use throughout your LinkedIn profile. In order to remain at the top of the LinkedIn search engines you may have to rewrite your profile info every few months but it will be worth it for the enhanced traffic.

Build up Your Network

Plan to Bridge the Gap

Commonly, business networking is mostly done in person. Warm, real-life encounters seem to be the best places for relationships to blossom. In business, it can be the difference in gaining new business or not. However, if you are planning to maximize the effectiveness of your networking efforts, the gap between online and offline should be bridged.

For example, when meeting a new contact in person, it should already be part of your strategy to connect on LinkedIn whenever possible. Of course, not everyone has a LinkedIn account or is even interested but those who do can be communicated with on a different level. This is a level in which regular information exchange and updates are commonplace. These very aspects set the stage for greater familiarity among colleagues. On the flip-side, connecting online and then meeting in person also bridges the gap and allows more effective interactions and relationship growth to transpire.

Network Like a Pro

Share Events You Are Planning to Attend

When interacting with fellow colleagues in the office it is common to mention an event you may be attending and even to invite a few to accompany you. This simple act can be extended and used as a tool in your online networking pursuits. This is an opportunity to use LinkedIn as viable extension of your in-person networking. Since every personal encounter, especially in person, adds to a relationship’s growth, meeting each other at an event can be a valuable experience.

Of course it isn’t practical to invite a LinkedIn connection to meet you at a local event if they live 3,000 miles away. This is only appropriate it they live within a reasonable traveling distance of the event. However, you may find an event that is in their area and pass along the information if you feel they could benefit from attending. This adds value to your connection status.

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