Recruiting With LinkedIn to Find Talent – New Boon For HR Market

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LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that can be harnessed to find potential candidates via professional networking. LinkedIn has evolved into one of the largest online business networking platform with an overwhelming 50 million users worldwide. It is leveraged by users in multitude of styles and capacities and has proved itself to be efficient and powerful in many levels.

Recruiting with LinkedIn to find talent is as easy as a flip of coin if you are aware of its blessed features. In a new era of social recruiting, LinkedIn takes the lead in this phenomenon.

Now the question for the moment is are you utilizing the LinkedIn account to its fullest capacity? Are you sure that your applicant tracking system is integrated with your LinkedIn initiatives? If you are confused with the answers for these questions, here are few guidelines to use LinkedIn account to recruit desired candidates.

– Make sure your profile is complete- Remembering you schoolteachers insisting you to write your name on the assignments before you submit. The same basics apply in this scenario too and ironically many ‘kids’ are still forgetting the basics. Complete the LinkedIn profile with appropriate photo, name, position, skills and so on. Write your contact information and make the content rich in keywords to ensure high edge in search engines.

– Scan the candidate profile efficiently- There are number of legal issues involved in using the account as HR tool and the possibility of more discrimination issues to follow. Use the assistance of companies exclusively meant to scan the candidate’s authenticity to avoid any submerged issues. However one can use LinkedIn to check about someone through the common friends and communities. For example one can find out how well the potential candidate is connected, do the individual have a Blog, which groups are associated with him or her and the lists goes on.

– Scan and search effectively in target groups- Searching among 45 million users to get the desired candidate is a labor oriented task. To mine the wealth of information to seek the data you search requires skill and efficiency. Using complex queries or sorting out with keywords, relevance and location are the most common practices followed. If you still find it difficult to get best results, try using the Boolean logic for talent discovery and identification.

– Update about job openings- Update about the new openings in the company in all the groups you are a part of, in absolute free of cost. Imagine if you have about 150 connections in the LinkedIn account, you are communicating the message to about 3 million professionals online with a single posting.

– Create a brand image among active and passive audience- One can use LinkedIn to draw attention to your company and its developments using the status linked to the company’s Blog and events listed. Remember even though one can be handling recruitments, it is always an added advantage to do free PR for the organization. By showing your connections, work culture etc can make carriers at your organization appealing and therefore reducing your job as a convincing recruiter.

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