Seven Habits to Get Success on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a professional group that is focused, and that does not have time for nonsense. However, if this is the market that you need to reach, get started on the right foot with seven tips to increase your SEO link chances from the start…

1. Your public profile needs to be memorable, so be sure to customize it, if you know how to do this!

2. Do not fail to keep updating your home page. It should not be static; it is your way to show you know what is hot in your field of expertise.

3. Make sure your status is always updated, do not just set it up and then forget about it. LinkedIn, unlike some social sites, is the perfect place to show off your credits. So make sure you show your past successes and achievements.

4. Make sure you use the index option, this way Google and the rest of the search engines can find you when someone is searching. This can mean more business for you.

5. Take the initiative to break the ice. This means don’t just answer questions, give someone else a chance to show their experience or advice and then be grateful instead of deferential.

6. Ask for recommendations, which is a good way to get links. Of course, you need to be asking the recommendations from members that have actually bought your products or used your service.

7. Keep in mind that on LinkedIn, your relationships do matter, more than any other social network site. Do not be flakey, but do be consistent and be sure to thank those that help you. In addition, help out where you can and be generous with your attention and time.

The time you put in will pay off with links and traffic. As with most social networking sites, the effort to be relevant and to be generous will lead to much link love and people keen to do business with you.

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