Top Ten Tips to Build a Stronger LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is synonymous with interpersonal business connections. Looking at my LinkedIn homepage on any day, mostly what I see is “Harry is now connected to Sally,” “John is now connected to David” etc. Only a small minority of LinkedIn members are REALLY using the available tools beyond the easy way of starting connections; more businesspeople need to start posting articles they like, expressing opinions, listing upcoming events, asking or answering questions, commenting on someone else’s posting, or (gasp!) using one or more of the free LinkedIn apps. So as a fellow contributor to the global personal learning network (PLN) we all share with each other in LinkedIn, I put into written words selections from educational seminars I have been giving in the New York metro area, to evangelize on the “Top Ten Tips to Build a Stronger LinkedIn Profile.”
1. Don’t just cut and paste sections from your résumé, that backward-looking document. LinkedIn shows your past experience and more: your present efforts and future aspirations.
Describe your rich experience and how it contributes to your current and future abilities, in your own words, as you would to someone you just met. Use short blocks of copy with keywords and rich textual images, in easily digestible bites. Why? Your profile is the primary means of branding yourself as a change agent, an authority, an attractive business prospect to someone seeking your services.
2. Borrow from the best marketers you know. Draw inspiration from others you respect. Adapt smart wording you see them using to your own personal style and branding.
But be sure to light up your LinkedIn profile with your own color. Use present tense, first person (“I” or “my”) and the active voice. In your own words, aimed at the LinkedIn audience of over 100 million business professionals and tell WHO you really are. Stilted, artificial techno-jargon turns people away.
3. Write a dynamic personal tagline. That 120-character line of text under your name that LinkedIn calls your Professional Headline is the first impression you make in your profile. It defines you all over LinkedIn.
Your professional headline is your brand, make it intriguing; clearly tell others “WHO you really are” not what your title/company is. Craft it carefully and rewrite it as you change, because you will change.
4. Put your polished elevator pitch to eve n better use. Your self-description, practiced and refined, is the essence of who you are and succinctly positions what you do.
Now convert it for use in LinkedIn’s Summary section, to attract potential connections. You have but seconds to capture the reader’s attention. A terse and intelligent Summary is your second chance to stand out.
5. Identify your background and show yourself as greater than the sum of the experience you had. The Experience and Specialties fields drive your personal SEO in LinkedIn searches; knit in Google keywords to improve being found in a search.
In describing your past experience, job by job, display your unique abilities in your line of work, personal skills and unique interests, values that round out your professional background and show you as a whole person
6. You must have a good photo. A clear picture of what you look like, a friendly, approachable face, is a basic, yet underutilized, tool to reinforce your brand.
7. Further show your ideas and voice, different from the crowd. Use the powerful free LinkedIn apps to showcase your voice.
8. Make your profile 100% complete; get a personalized LinkedIn URL. Look your very best, fully rounding out your LinkedIn profile to tell WHO you really are.
9. Answer questions; ask questions. Thoughtful, purposeful answers to questions raised by others add to your street credentials, pointing more eyes at your profile as an expert.
10. Recommend and get recommended. LinkedIn makes it really easy to give someone a recommendation or ask someone to recommend you for some specific aspect of your work.

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