Using LinkedIn For Long Term Career and Business Success

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LinkedIn is an amazing tool. I’ve seen a wide range of folks land jobs and contracting opportunities. Careers can grow in unexpected and amazingly positive ways with this tool.

Before LinkedIn, a young person beginning their career could have spent decades contacting and connecting with only a fraction of the persons they can now connect to with through some effort in a matter of a few months. Before LinkedIn, the opportunity to connect with professionals in the same career or interest area was difficult and might never have occurred even in the same city. Now you can join hundreds of groups and become part of an immediately relevant dialogue on the subjects around the globe. Before LinkedIn, you were limited to your own small group to identify experts for questions you may have. Now, you can reach experts on even relatively obscure subjects in a matter of moments.

Because of these features, I’ve seen individuals and businesses make important contacts to move their business plans ahead, gain new clients, earn new revenue, and open up whole new business opportunity areas. I’ve seen person after person find their next company, their next job, their next step on their career path using the LinkedIn tools.

Ambitious professionals and individuals interested in long term job and career stability and success are wise to engage through this tool. This tool is a gateway to a global community of professionals.

Signing up for the basic service on LinkedIn is free. The only requirement is access to an Internet connected computer or smart phone where you can complete the process. You can participate in all manner of the tools with just this simple step. Paid service merely increases the power and depth with which you can participate in the community.

Once on LinkedIn, begin steadily building a network. Start first by seeing who among your own contacts are on the the community. Next, join as many groups as are sensible for your interests, goals, and objectives. Follow this by taking the time to build a thorough and detailed profile of your career, education, interests, etc. I believe even including books you find most useful is worthwhile. After completing these steps, start participating in discussions, generating discussions, answering and posing questions, etc.

Remember, each time you complete one of these activities encourage like minded folks to connect with you.

Choose some individuals that you feel are most compatible with your career, your business, and your personal goals and attempt to begin developing relationships.

Consistently act on these steps and overtime you will achieve creating an amazing network and very likely amazing opportunity for yourself.

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