Which One is Better? Twitter VS Facebook VS LinkedIn?

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Many people would consider this a tough question. However, the truth is the answer is simple. “Better” is measured by results. LinkedIn produces results and Facebook is more difficult to translate results from. Why is this?

On the face of the question, Facebook struggle relative to LinkedIn because the service was never planned as a space friendly to professional interaction. On the other hand, LinkedIn superbly provides an interface that offers tremendous professional value and generally offers limited disruption.

Let’s review each in more detail:

Facebook collects all sorts of information that defines consumers, but is really very poorly set up to collect and deliver a professional or career oriented presentation. With over 400,000,000 members, none of us are thumbing our noses as Facebook, but I believe most professionals see Facebook’s commercial application as stilted and at this point not even vaguely attempting to offer the business networking interface offered by LinkedIn. You wouldn’t go to Facebook and expect to identify reliably human resource directors at General Electric past and present. On the other hand, LinkedIn provides this information clearly, accurately, and effectively.

LinkedIn is similarly crippled for social internation. LinkedIn is stuffy, straight laced, business focused. LinkedIn gives little window into the personal lives of its users. Frankly, that is as it should be. LinkedIn users would be highly disturbed to find the situation otherwise.

On a compare and contrast basis, Facebook has broader reach globally, but then half the users may be under 18. As a business person, what is the value? Facebook tells us more about its users families, entertainment interests, family, quirks, interests, and so forth. Facebook provides an instant as well as regular messaging capacity to its users. Facebook has become a part of the social fabric of its users. Facebook is disconnected from the business lives of its users, but Facebook users more often start a conversation and move off of the medium for that interaction. On the other hand, LinkedIn often becomes integral to business relationship as the tool keeps the members tuned into the activity and development of their network.

LinkedIn stinks at social interaction. In fact, the tool may often seem to measured and methodical managing communication between members. While you can see everyone on the network you can’t reach out and touch them. You have to establish some connection and get those in the chain of that connection to help you along. So, LinkedIn is more like a business suit or a laptop vs. a flat screen television. LinkedIn is for business and Facebook is for our broader lives.

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