Why is LinkedIn Essential to Your Business?

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As a social media outlet, LinkedIn is especially designed for professionals and businesses and it doesn’t have games or the capability to add people randomly; it’s foremost purpose is to help create and establish networks. Those networks may be friends, family or business contacts. The goal is to connect people with each other for business reasons. Being on LinkedIn is why most professionals’ search for employment has become successful. Why be on LinkedIn? Because people realized that knowing someone who works at the company has a lot to do with getting a job interview; even knowing someone who doesn’t work there anymore but left on positive terms still has some influence, making the interview easier and increasing the chances of getting the job, compared to someone with identical skills who seeks the same type of work but goes through the regular channel.

Word of mouth advertising is powerful, that is why you should be on LinkedIn; as a Social Media outlet, there are so many possibilities to network, not only with potential employees but also potential clientele for your business. When you hear through networks about a new business opportunity or business resolution either for themselves or their business, it’s so powerful it’s almost like hearing spoken words.

Business Professionals: Why be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers an almost endless array of opportunities for business professionals. From a social media perspective, it’s easy to keep in touch with fellow coworkers as well as associates from past jobs. When a person becomes unhappy with their current position, there’s a tendency to search for something that might pique their interest and in so doing they are also going to look for people they can connect with; people who are working in the identified company or someone who has some kind of contact with a person working in the company who’s hiring. It allows a better picture for the manager, enabling them to stay in touch and keep an eye on employees; so much so that they can learn more about a lot things that may have skipped even the managers.

Entrepreneurs: Why be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has many useful features for the entrepreneurs. From advertising a product or service that they feel companies or other individuals may need to simply having access to industry experts in over 170 different business fields, LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful business tools at the disposal of the novice or seasoned entrepreneur. For the entrepreneur wondering why be on LinkedIn, knowing that every fortune 500 company has executives on LinkedIn means that advertisements for products and services are being seen by the audience that they are targeted to the most.

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